Thursday, June 21, 2007


"Anchored", to a "Beaver Lodge"!

This past Sunday morning I took Reid Kelner and 3 of his buddies to Northway's Outpost Camp at Kesch Lake. Reid's "late" Dad was a long time Sasaginnigak Lake Lodge guest, and Reid himself has been to the Main Lodge numerous times. Nowadays, an Outpost Camp is their choice, as they like being the "only boats on the lake".


Unloaded at "Kesch"........


Kesch Lake Outpost....

Then, I was off for the Pigeon River. I had a "swamper" with me, "Pontiac". You might remember him from last year, he is a "work in progress". I was going to pick up a large "canoe" that we had left in the bush last Fall, as we had experienced horrible weather, snow, 50 kt. winds, and our last hunter in the bush had been "snatched" from the elements, but we had left his "boat" behind, last October. Well, he wanted it back, and we were hoping it was where we left it. The only "wrench in the gears" was the water level, as the Pigeon River is "howling", and we figured the water would be 6 feet higher, at least, than last Fall. Well, we made the river, saw the canoe, and it was in the water. I landed on the river, hoping we could get close to it. The water was higher than the natural riverbank, and I didn't know if I could get to the canoe. I made 2 attempts to put the left float close to the canoe, but the current kept dragging us back into the river. I "yelled" at Pontiac; "Tie a docking rope to my anchor! It is in the back!" Pontiac, being a "city boy", found humour in the idea that I carried an anchor in UKN. "You carry an anchor?" "Yes," I said, "it is original de Havilland issue, great for wedging in a crack in a rock face if there are no trees to tie to." Finally, he tied a rope to the anchor, and I told him to pass it to me, once I shut down, and got out on the float. Well, I shut down, secured the aircraft, and Pontiac grabbed the canoe!


Pontiac "snags" the boat.........




Guess how we secured the Otter?


You guessed right, with the anchor, secured to a "Beaver Lodge"!


Pontiac drains the boat!









Pontiac attempts to be Daniel Boone!


"Marginal" technique!


Tied on!



Pontiac wearing a "shit-eating" grin, before we left! Good thing we had the anchor!


(Now, if only I can get him to watch "John Wayne" instead of "Adam Sandler" movies!

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