Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Steve's Video Of The Day: "1 Hour To Disaster"!

As pilots, we are aware of the "dangers" of "Dangerous Goods" that end up "onboard" an aircraft. Also, some "dangerous goods" can seem "benign", but can "react" with possible "catastrophic results". I remember one Fall, while doing a caribou hunt, I had my Otter "heeled-in" on a sand beach at Brownstone Lake, north of Tadoule Lake, Manitoba. I was helping the owner of the camp present on the lake "dump gas" and "tidy up". I looked towards my Otter, and I could see "smoke" wafting out the door. Faster than a "yellow-eyed Ben Johnson on steroids", I was across the beach, into the Otter, and "pitching out" the burning box. It seems the lodge operator had thrown used lantern batteries, which are used for "fish-finders", into a box full of old "Fishing Guides". Some of the coils on the batteries touched, and still having a few "amps" of current, set the guides on fire. He had also set the box beside 30 empty (full of fumes) "Jerry cans". Luckily, I didn't lose an "asset" that day, although to this day, the camp operator has not been located. (Just kidding.) Anyways, one always has to be "wary", of "Dangerous Goods"! Remember the following?


"1 Hour To Disaster"!

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