Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Manitoba May "Long Weekend"!

The "May long weekend" in Manitoba is a time when "intrepid fishermen and campers" voyage to the "bush, beaches, and campgrounds" to celebrate the "return of spring". Well, this past weekend we had fishermen in Northway Aviation's "outpost" at Apisko Lake. Before I went and picked up the fishermen, we received word that the weather during their stay had been "balmy", and they had run-out of "sunscreen". I figured they would be in "shorts and wife-beater shirts" when I picked them up. Check it out!


Enroute to Apisko Lake!




Boy, the trees are wearing strange "blossoms"!


Where is everyone?


They are probably out in the boats, dangling their feet in the water, telling corny jokes, and sipping beers.


It doesn't look like they have been "filleting fish".


I finally found them, inside the cabin, wearing "parkas", and they proceeded to tell me about the "frozen water lines".


Oh well! The last word of my "Post" goes to UKN, as she "bobs" at the dock in the 25 kt. northeast wind, and the -8*C wind caresses her "rapidly cooling" cylinders.

"BBbb-R-R-rrrrrr! Get me out of here!"

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