Friday, May 04, 2007


"Majesty", From a "Maule"!

I received an e-mail and "link" the other day from a new "E-mail buddy", Mark, regarding some photos a couple of friends took on a "cross-country" trip. Check it out.

Subject: Stunning Pictures

A couple of old guys get to see and show us the incredible beauty of this earth as they fly across it in their Maule.

Never underestimate pilots' urge to show others how wonderful it is see the world from an airplane.

Pictures you won't likely see elsewhere.

What a gift flying is.

Click the hot link below.

LINK - "Majesty", From a "Maule"!

"Fantastic", Mark! You are right, being able to see the world from a "cockpit" is truly a "great gift". I speak from experience. Remember, God doesn't deduct from your life the "hours" spent "flying" or "fishing"!



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