Monday, May 28, 2007


"C-FUKN", "May", and the "Manitoba Bush"!

We have been having a "kaleidoscope of dog puke" for weather this May, but UKN and I have been out "flogging the bush", opening up "camps". Rain, wind, thunderstorms, snow, frost, and fog, "what a month"!


After a cold "overnight" at Sasaginnigak Lake, UKN "crankily" fires up, and warms up!





The next day I took Curtis Charrison and crew to open their camp at Sparrowhawk Lake, flying through many thick "snow squalls"!


"Hey boys, the water came up since last Fall, your boat ramp is too low"!




Yesterday morning, we had "hard frost", but I didn't have to leave until 8 AM, so the "sun" did it's "warming magic"!


We hadn't seen the sun in "10 days"!


Leonard Mitchell's "Lake Winnipeg Yawl" was also at the Float Base, and yesterday he loaded up and headed for Poplar River, 100 miles (yes, 100 miles) north up "Unforgiving Lake Winnipeg"! I haven't heard the "Search and Rescue Herc" scanning Lake Winnipeg, so I am assuming they made it!


The "frost" was still visible in the shadow of the gas hose, after 2.5 hours of sun.



I was airborne for Sasaginnigak Lake, and the water on Lake Winnipeg was just like "piss on a plate"! (Bush Pilot term for "glassy water".)




.....and the last word of my "Post" goes to the two "Chestershire Cats" fishing at Sasaginnigak Lake, wearing one-piece quilted suits, fleece, and thermal underwear........


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