Friday, April 06, 2007


Steve's Video Of The Day: Forde Lake Air Service: Summer of 2006 - "A Video"

About this time of year, as the "geese" arrive, and the ice begins to depart the lakes and rivers, an old "Bush Rat" feels a "stirring" inside, and "yearns" for the first time his "floats caress the water". There is always a sense of "new" at the begining of Float Season, and is usually quite enjoyable. Anyways, as I thought of this, I remembered Clive had sent me a "link" to a video the folks at Forde Lake Air Service produced last year. It details the beginning of Float Season, and their Otter and Beaver journeying across this "great land" from Victoria on the "wet coast", to Hornpayne, Ontario, northeast of "the big lake they call 'Gitchigoomie'!" Let's "board" and go with them! (The name "Gitchigoomie" is the Ojibway Indian name for Lake Superior.)

VIDEO - Summer of 2006 - "A Video"

Boy, it sure looks like they have fun! I love a good "evening dock party"!



-photo by David Jaremy



-photo provided by Clive Pearce

WEBSITE - Forde Lake Air Service

It's just about "that time".................

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