Sunday, April 01, 2007


Steve's Video Of The Day: April "Fools"!

Hey, I just remembered, today is April 1st! The beginning of the month when the ice begins to leave our rivers, and some of our lakes! It heralds the "countdown" to "open water" and "float season"! April is also the month of April "Fools"! Think I'm "yanking your chain"? Not I!


April "Fools"!

Hi Steve,

I have seen your photos of the Saunders ST-28 from 2005. I am planing to build up a webside about the Saunders Aircraft and I want to ask you for permission to use these photos. Maybe you also have some more that I can use ?
I am looking forward to hear from you. My mail is :
Greetings from Germany !
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