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February, Manitoba. -40*C. Let's "Go Hunting"!

Friends Rick, Brian, Arlen, and Chris Eyolfson, along with Robbie Gergatz, went on a "road trip" in February to do a little hunting. They are fairly "robust lads", and they decided to "head north", up the "winter road" towards Lac Brochet in northern Manitoba. This is in Game Hunting Area "1" (GHA 1), and the boys were after "barren ground caribou". The area they were heading to is part of the southern "wintering" range of the Beverly and Qamanirjuaq herds, which today apparently number over 400,000 animals. I published 2 "Posts" before about these animals, when I did a "caribou hunt" on "Floats" in the Fall from Munroe Lake a couple of years back. The "Posts" were called; Tales from the Cockpit- Munroe Lake Lodge, and Extreme Caribou Hunting and Northern Pike Fishing.

Anyways, Rick, Brian, Robbie, and "the boys" headed up the winter road with some "grub", "warm clothes", "rifles", "ammo", "gas", "ski-doos", and I am sure an over-abundance of "liquid intellect".


"Let's hit the winter road"!


The trees get "spindlier" the farther north you travel!


This possibly looks like an "old burn"!


Winter-time "sanctuary"!


"The boys" set up camp..........


.....and then "head out"!


-40*C, and "open water"!


"Success" comes quickly!


After a "long, cold hunt", the boys did quite well!

Here is Rick's e-mail, decribing the "successful hunt"!

From: "Rick Eyolfson"

To: "Steven Taylor"

Subject: Re: Hunt


We had a blast, saw over 60 animals in one day. Left Lynn Lake at 4:00 a.m. and got back to the house at 12:30 a.m., very tired, one long day. Besides myself, there was Arlen, Brian, Chris, and Robert Gergatz. Lots of snow, but some pretty nice country. I'll try to remember to drop off a couple of caribou chops for you to munch on.


Sounds like a good time, they had a "blast", and no doubt "got blasted", I'm sure, on at least one occasion. Anyways, the last word of my "Post" goes to the "Canadian National Drinking Team" (well, they could be), as they pose beside their "harvest"!



ABOUT THE - Beverly and Qamanirjuaq Caribou Herds

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