Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Can You Identify This "Cockpit"........?

Test your "skill", see how much you know, see if you can identify the aircraft type. This is the cockpit of a "gay" old girl, that was "front and center" when WWII came to a close, actually "hastening" it's "conclusion". If you know the aircraft type, leave a "comment".


This is the "cockpit" of a ...................


B-29 hands down.. of "Enola Gay" fame
All that glass - and your comentary say it should be a B29 Superfortress.

Ben in Lac Du Bonnet
B-29 hands down of "Enola Gay" fame. Safe Flyinf, Cheers.
"Bingo", Boys! Actually, it is not the cockpit of the "Enola Gay", the word "gay" was just a "tantalizing" hint regarding the type, but it is a B-29! You win a semi-truck load of "sailboat fuel"!
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