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A condition of visibility which exists when an overcast sky prevents shadows, and snow covered terrain reflects light at about the same intensity as the sky causing the horizon to be undistinguishable and the recognition of irregularities in terrain very difficult. Only dark objects can be seen. Fog, ice fog, and blizzard conditions will sometimes create a similar situation.

Yes, when flying in the winter, "whiteout" can definitely "trigger" the "pucker factor"! I personally have had some "memorable" experiences with "whiteout".

"Whiteout" is also a film presently in production, starring Kate Beckinsale as a U.S. Marshal tracking a killer in Antarctica. Tom Skerritt also stars, along with DHC-3 Otters C-FIOF and C-GBTU! BTU is normally employed by Blue Water Aviation Services Ltd. of Pine Falls, Manitoba, and IOF is normally employed by Huron Air and Outfitters Inc. of Armstrong, Ontario.

"Shooting" had recently taken place on Lake Manitoba, simulating Antarctic conditions, and I received some photos taken by Mark Dann, who had been "on-set". IOF and BTU had been painted, but still retained the "de Havilland good looks"! Lets head for "Antarctica, Manitoba-style"!

"On the ice"!
-photo by Mark Dann

IOF "fires up"!
-photo by Mark Dann

In the hangar constructed on location, sporting the new "temporary" paint job.
-photo by Mark Dann

BTU "sunning" herself.
-photo by Mark Dann

Out of the hangar.....
-photo by Mark Dann

Ready to "run".....
-photo by Mark Dann

"Antarctica, Manitoba"!
-photo by Mark Dann

A First Air "Herc" also makes a "cameo" appearance.
-photo by Mark Dann

BTU and IOF "take to the skies"......
-photo by Mark Dann

IOF's usual "winter appearance".....
-photo by Steve Taylor

BTU's usual "winter appearance".......
-photo by Ed Gaffray

"Whiteout", due to be released this year, starring two fine "Canadian girls"! Check it out!

INFO - "Whiteout"

WEBSITE - Blue Water Aviation Services Ltd.

WEBSITE - Huron Air & Outfitters Inc.

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