Sunday, March 11, 2007


"Stressed"? Check Out "Real Stress"!

I hear people talk about "stress" in their lives, although their kids are healthy, they have decent-paying jobs, and they aren't "facing-down" the Taliban in Afghanistan. OK, "stress" is real, and everyone has some in their lives, I agree.

Being employed and involved in aviation for a number of years, I was thinking of "aviation-induced" stress, and I was thinking of Air Traffic Controllers at some of the world's larger airports, JFK in particular. JFK has over 350,000 aircraft movements per year, moving over 40,000,000 pax and close to 2,000,000 tons of freight. Moving Airbuses and Boeings along taxiways and runways for departures and arrivals would probably be "stressful" at times, wouldn't you think? Especially if some "bonehead" in a "heavy" taxied "improperly" and caused a "traffic snarl".

Anyways, I hold ATC personnel in "high regard", I'm sure it can be similar to being a "hockey ref" at times, with "everyone in the building" being annoyed at you, and usually through no fault of your own. I am not sure of the "burn-out" or "suicide" rates of Air Traffic Controllers, but I will say they are a "special, dedicated breed"! Listen to this next recording, the Ground Controller "saves" everybody from a "quagmire"!

AUDIO - "Stressed"? Check Out "Real Stress"!

Great "recovery"!

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At the end of the day, the "Ground Controller" retired to his residence for a relaxing evening.

("Thanks, Shiloh"!)

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