Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Steve's Video Of The Day: 'IT' "Complacency"!

'IT' "seeps" in and "invades" through every "porous" opening 'IT' can find, until 'IT' "permeates" your "very being". One has to always be "wary" and "alert" to recognize the "warning signs", as 'IT' is a very serious "aviation illness";

1. -misplaced feeling of "self-importance".
2. -"laissez-faire" attitude.
3. -feelings of "invincibility".
4. -unnecessary procedural "corner-cutting".

I always tell "fresh" Otter pilots: "When you are flying along on a cool morning, sunshine, no turbulence, beautiful scenery, engine whirring like a top, and a feeling of euphoria envelopes you, 'IT' is present..... 'Sit up straight, and hang on, look out for a "landing spot", you are about to "blow" a cylinder'."


'IT' "Complacency"!

('Hat tip' to Mark Fuller!)


Greetings, I am trying to start a writers association for people like you and I. I write a blog called Captains Log. Flying the B-767 for a while now. I have found out that if we fellow aviation writers form an association we can take advantage of the same opportunities writers from the press get. My sister is a travel writer and she has convinced me that I should at least try to get some of us together as an organized group. We could all try to meet somewhere down the road, get ideas from each other, give feedback about our individual writings. What do you think. Let me know if your interested. Rick(
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