Wednesday, March 28, 2007


"Primal Stirrings".......

Yesterday I made a quick trip to Winnipeg to see "Orthodontist" Dr. Mark Rykiss, as he was going to "de-bond" my 3rd oldest daughter's braces. 3rd daughter, 3rd set of "braces". Hard on the "finances", with no insurance. Anyhow, "off they came"! On the way home, we decided to take a "cruise" past the Red River at Selkirk, to see the "breakup" progress. As we neared Selkirk, I could swear I could hear faint "creaking, dripping, whistling, and moaning". I figured all the "beasts" were awakening after a long, cold winter, and what we could marginally hear was their "primal stirrings". We headed for Selkirk Air's hangar and property.


The Red River!


3rd daughter Kaitlan!


This "beast" slowly awakens.


de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver C-GPVC!


Plummer's Arctic Lodges "Goon", CF-OHY, also awakens!


Look at the "snout" on that Otter!


This is C-FKOA, Plummer's Lodges Otter, with the "Texas Turbine" conversion.

Fine lines of the "Garrett" engine.


Kaitlan and a "prehistoric" specimen.


Noorduyn "Norseman", CF-BSB! The Pratt and Whitney R1340 engine on BSB will soon be "Thunderchicken-ing" through the sky!


Another Norseman, CF-LZO!




"Damn", I didn't have my cheque-book!


Norseman "C-FSAP"!



Look at the "rivet-lines", folks, C-FSAP is a "metal-skinned" Norseman!


Beech 18 C-FSRE!



Kaitlan poses with the "Bug-smasher"!


Green Airways' "Polish" Otter C-FLEA!


1000 "screamin' horses"!


Funny thing, I realized there wasn't a "Standard" Otter on site at Selkirk. The 1340's in the Otter are all being "removed" and "replaced". Something the DOT should have "mandated" with a time schedule years ago. "Oh", by the way. Does Dr. Mark Rykiss do "fine work"? I will let Kaitlan and her "million dollar smile" have the "last word".



loved your blog and the pictures of that gorgeous daughter of yours! DR MARK AND BARB ;)
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