Wednesday, March 14, 2007


"Extraordinary" Airports!

One "aspect" I always enjoyed "flying the bush" was the "challenge" of landing and takeoff areas, while flying floats or skis. Rivers, small lakes, shallow water, slush, errant "wildlife", snowdrifts, all sorts of "Booby-traps". I flew "sched" for a number of years also, and landing and departing the airports on wheels just wasn't as enjoyable. The "pucker factor" did set in a few times on wheels, though, one example being the "black bear" I came 15' from "disembowelling" with a BN-2A-27 Britten Norman Islander while landing in Poplar River. I just about hit a horse in Berens River on the runway one time also. The horses were previously used for logging, but had been set free due to the arrival of "Cats" and "Skidders" years before, but had flourished well eating the native grasses along Lake Winnipeg. The horses since have all been "put down" due to their "fraternizing" the runway area far too frequently. Anyways, check out these following airports. Very unique, some more difficult than others, but each one is "extraordinary"!

OBSERVE SOME - "Extraordinary" Airports!

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