Thursday, March 01, 2007


Time To Let A "Caged Animal" Run!

Yesterday I went to Northway's hangar in Arnes to do a "pleasure" flight with Beaver C-FQQG, as she had been "languishing", staring out the window. The temperatures were reasonable, and I had the time, so it was time to let a "caged animal" run!

C-FQQG after we pulled her from the hangar.

Keeping her "snout" warm!

Ready to "crank up"!



She "coughs" to life!


After her 1/2 hour "run", QQG was "loose and vibrant"! I actually left QQG at Northway's sister hangar at St. Andrews Airport.





I love aircraft with the "nosewheel" in the "rear", where they should be!

It seems as though QQG chooses her company well!

On second thought, "What am I saying? That's me!"


Needing a ride back to my vehicle, Doug "McLeod" Burton was heading north, and offered to "drop me off". Doug was flying Grand Caravan C-GNWV.

Doug can play the "latest video games" to occupy his time while "enroute"!


"Airborne", and below, the frozen "Red River", meandering north for Lake Winnipeg.

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The last word of my "Post" today goes to Doug and NWV after they returned me to my vehicle, and rolled the DG to "N"!


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