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Manitoba History: "Lambair"!

Anyone familiar with aviation in Manitoba is well-aware of the "exalted position" and "regal standing" in the Province's aviation history held by Lambair. Recently, old friend and fellow pilot Jim Gulay sent me some old pictures he had showing some of the Lambair fleet. Jim is the person who told me years ago: "There are two types of pilots who fly retractable-gear airplanes. Those who have landed "gear-up", and those "who will". Anyways, let's have a quick history lesson on Lambair.

Lamb Air

Lamb Air Ltd. was an airline that began operations in 1935 in The Pas, Manitoba, Canada, that went out of business in 1981. Originally the company was called "Thomas Lamb Airways Ltd.", later renamed "Lamb Airways" and then "Lambair". The company motto was "Do not ask us where we fly, tell us where you want to go".

The founder of the airline was Tom Lamb. When Tom's father, Thomas Henry Peacock Lamb, emigrated from England in the late 1800s, THP Lamb turned from school teacher to fur trader. In 1900, THP started Lamb's Store in Moose Lake, Manitoba.

Tom's six sons (in order of age) are: Greg, Donald, Dennis, Jack, Doug and Connie and all of them were pilots with the company.

In 1965, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) produced a television show called "The Flying Lambs". It was shown on the series called Telescope.

In 1968, Tom received an Honorary Doctorate of Law from the University of Manitoba.

Donald's son Todd Lamb was actively involved in Lamb Air and other airlines in Canada, China, and Africa.

Lamb Air operated many aircraft. Below is a partial list:

Stinson SR-8
C-46 Commandos
De Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otters
De Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otters
De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beavers
De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Turbo Beaver
Beech 18
Various Cessnas
Fokker F27 as built by Fairchild
Noorduyn Norseman
Britten-Norman Islander BN2
Bristol Freighter
Piper Aztecs


AĆ©rospatiale Gazelle
AĆ©rospatiale Alouette II
Bell Helicopter

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Here is the "Introduction" to Jack Lamb's fantastic book, "My Life in the North". Jack is one of Tom's sons.

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Wow! A "diverse" family. Let's check out some of Lambair's fleet, and I will add some "outstanding "Links" at the end of my "Post".

 "Turbo" Beaver!



 "Frosty" time of year for "float flying"!

 "Twin" Otters!


 Good old Britten Norman BN-2A "Islander"!

 Fairchild "F.27"!

 C-180 facing "candle ice"!

 "Slinging" fuel!

 Check out this "classic"! Bristol "Freighter", with "Hercules" sleeve-valve engines!  Posted by Picasa

So there are the pictures! Outstanding! Also, I found Jack Lamb's book "My Life in the North" online, and I will include a "Link" so you can read an "amazing story". Thanks for the pictures, Jimmy G.!

READ JACK LAMB'S BOOK - My Life in the North

A LAMBAIR DC-3 STORY - Flight from Kabul!



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