Thursday, October 23, 2008


"Filthy" With Walleye! Must Be A "Keeper".....

Next on our camp-cleaning agenda was Keeper Lake! Keeper Lake was Nestor Falls Fly-In Outpost's first camp, and is still the "sentimental favourite". The continuously moving water channels feed throughout the whole lake, enabling a tremendous walleye population. The whole "cleaning crew" descended on Keeper Lake, and parking space was at a "premium", so with Otter SOR on the dock, we had to "heel-in" the other two aircraft.

Beaver MDB.......

...... and C-206 DWB!

The cabin........

Nestor Falls Fly-In Outpost's camps are all "solar", including lights, water pump, fridges and freezers. Propane is used for the hot water heater and cooking stove only. When you cannot put the solar panels on top of the cabin due to "sun exposure", you build a "crib", fill it with rocks, and mount the panels on top of the crib on the shoreline. McGyver and I then headed behind the cabin and "grunthouse" to cut wood for Spring.

"Hello", we stumbled across some "artifacts"!

An old Ski-Doo "Elan".

Then we found another!

I can just imagine what "trapline" stories these two machines could tell!

Anyways, McGyver and I cut another "shitload" of firewood for Spring!

The view from the cabin deck, as we finished our tasks! We then proceeded to mount our "trusty steeds", pictured below, and returned to Herod Lake for the night, as, believe it or not, even with the wind, we could hear "chilled Budweisers" beckoning us.......


LINK - "Keeper Lake"!

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