Wednesday, January 31, 2007


"Hearty Fellows", in Winter's "Grip" in "Gillam"!

Manitoba is "chock-full" of hearty souls in winter-time. From the trappers on ski-doos with freezer-burnt faces, to the Lake Winnipeg fishermen, pulling nets through the ice with "wet" mitts, to the heavy equipment operators building roads across frozen lakes, with every foot forward, risking an "icy plummet" to the bottom. These are just some of the "hearty souls" involved in a Manitoba winter. Obviously, the economy and commerce don't stop in winter, so businesses consider the winter months "business as usual". Mining and exploration also continue, and aircraft are the "vehicle of choice" to transport and supply crews during the winter. "Spanky" and Dave from Blue Water Aviation Services recently made the "northbound trek" to Gillam, "end of the road" Manitoba, along with "stalwart Otter" C-GBTU, to fly crews and supplies to some "bush camps". Check out the pics "Spanky" sent me on his return, and tell me if "mining crews" and "bush pilots" fit the "hearty soul" profile. One extra "snippet" of information. Daytime temperature "highs" were -30*C while the boys were up at Gillam.


 Gillam, Manitoba, with Pat Chartier's "Islander" and "Aztec" in the background, wearing "parkas".

 BTU "loaded", preparing to head for the "bush"!

 "On final" for the "bush strip"!

 1957 Otter C-GBTU, S/N 209!

 Unloaded! Notice the "swimwear" everyone is wearing!

 A typical "cornucopia" of supplies hauled into a "bush camp". Hey, what is all that lumber and plywood for?

 For the hotel rooms, you dummy! "Cozy" accommodations!

 An Otter "in the bush", ingrained in "Canadiana"! So, what are your thoughts? Do exploration crews and "bush pilots" fit the "hearty fellows" profile? I would be "inclined" to think so! And the last word of my "Post" goes to Spanky, as he enjoys the "heat" from the "blazing sun", from the "balmy, heat-scorched" netherlands of northern Manitoba!

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