Monday, December 18, 2006


Steve's Video Of The Day: "Maintain the Centerline"!

Yes, I can still remember Andre Pepin "yelling" years ago...."Maintain the centerline!".... as I was "wildly departing". Andre was my CPL Instructor. OK, today I have finally "mastered" maintaining the centerline on takeoff, but it took 25 years. "Oh yeah... what about landing?" Obviously the "centerline" should still be "maintained". Well, I am still working on that, so give me at least, say....."another decade"! Anyways, here is a pilot that can "maintain the centerline" even in an "emergency situation". Watch! (The aircraft damage must have been "minimal" compared to what it could have been, as he "kills" the engines and "feathers the props". Also notice the flaps were left "up", or at least "minimal", so as not to "mangle" them and possibly damage the wing. Gotta' love "long runways"!)

VIDEO - "Maintain the Centerline"!

Beech "King Air"! One tough machine!

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