Tuesday, December 26, 2006


"Merry Christmas", from "Our Home to Yours"!

I hope "all" had a Merry Christmas, and no one suffered loss or tragedy at this time of the year. The weather here has been beautiful, -5*C and sunny. We keep getting the "tail-ends" of the Pacific storms that have been "hammering" the "Coast", but by the time the air masses arrive on the "Prairies", they are quite "placid". Anyways, enjoy friends and family, and "Remember The Troops"!



(Youngest daughter Kiena ("The Munch"), thoroughly enjoyed Christmas, as shown by her "radiant" smiles!)







  Posted by Picasa"The Munch" says; "Merry Christmas" everyone!

Well you ran out so fast on friday I never had time to wish you and yours a Merry X-Mas and best in 2007 soo Heres a toast to 2007-to you and yours
Your pal Shelley
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