Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Christmas in "The Maldives"

I checked out my friend Rob McIntyre's "Blog" today, knowing he had spent Christmas in The Maldives, away from friends and family. That would be tough, no doubt. Life is how you perceive it, though. I always loved the scene at the end of the Monty Python movie "The Life Of Brian", where the three men being crucified are whistling and singing "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life"! So, always "count your blessings", Afghanistan would be a far less hospitable place to be, and some of our men and women are there. "Remember Them"! Rob has posted new pictures and videos on his Blog, and it is worth a look at. His training has been going well, and he recently sent me a picture of his "Training Captain". He is apparently a "local", with a wealth of knowledge regarding the local people, geography, and climate, and is quite the trend-setting "fashion plate". Check him out!

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"Yup, he is a knowledgeable-looking fellow"! Check out.......

ROB'S BLOG - Barefoot Pilot

I have also been introduced to another Blog in it's "infancy", but if the original pictures and information continue as such, it will be quite an informative site. It was created by North West Pilot, but the name his "Mom" gave him, I don't know. If you like Turbine Otters having wings installed, float repairs, storm "aftermaths", converted to turbine Grumman "Gooses", PBYs, radial engines, and DHC-2 Beavers, you might enjoy this site. Check it out........

GOOD BLOG - AIR HARBOR - Seaplanes in the Great Northwest

.....and the last word of my "Post" goes to Uncle Corey, once again, over-imbibing at Christmas time.......

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