Wednesday, November 29, 2006


"Proud Canadian"!

I am a "Proud Canadian", and I regularly listen to "Stompin'" Tom Connors' masterful CD entitled "Proud Canadian", volume "cranked". On it he sings about every region in this great "Geographic Jewel", and it's people. Diversity of people and geography at it's finest. As I write this, many of our "men and women" are overseas combating hatred and evil, and I am "proud" of them. Take time to think of them, and what they are doing to protect what we have. What we "have" is a "way of life", and an abundance of "natural treasures" that are "unparalleled" on earth. Check them out.

WHAT WE HAVE - Canadian Treasures

 "Stompin'" Tom Connors, true "Patriot" and "Proud Canadian". Look for the CD. (Mural by Bill WrigleyPosted by Picasa

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