Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Meet...."The Pumpkin"!

Years ago, in the "early 90's", when I previously worked for Northway Aviation Ltd., Jim Johnson, Northway Aviation owner, decided the company needed a larger twin-engined aircraft than the Robertson-equipped Piper Seneca that we had, for charters and sched. The company already ran 3 Britten-Norman Islanders, 2 "high gross" BN-2A-27s, and 1 BN-2A. The decision was made to acquire a Piper Navajo. A deal was made that would see Jim trade his world famous Mk.VI Norseman, CF-GUE, to Freddy Muskego, of Mid Manitoba Air Ltd., for his Piper Navajo, C-FBKK. I was flying Otter CF-UKN at the time, along with GUE, and was sad to see GUE and her "history" leave the company. Anyways, we acquired BKK, and myself and some of the other pilots were "proffed" on her. She was quickly nicknamed "The Pumpkin" by Blair Rutherford, and the name was appropriate, and you will soon see why. The company today still operates BKK, and I met up with her the other day. Meet, "The Pumpkin"!


 The name is obviously "self-explanatory"!

 CF-GUE, coming in to land by my house, on the Icelandic River, Riverton, Manitoba. Photo by my good, "late" friend, Irv Bjarnason, early 90s. I still miss "him", and "her", today.


 Today she was being flown by Ian Gould, "The Newf"........

 .....and the last word of my "Post" goes to Kelly, Kody, and Shane, 3 of my kids, posing in the early 90s. Kelly is now a 4th year U of M student, Kody is a 2nd year U of M student, and "my toque keeps falling in my eyes" Shane is in Grade 9. "Adios"! (Photo by....."Me"!)  Posted by Picasa

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