Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Carl and Helen's "Gilley Ga Lew Bird"!

I have been at Northway's hangar in St. Andrews Airport, Manitoba, for the last two days. I took one of the company 207s for maintenance, and was also there to witness a "hot section" on the company Caravan (more on that in the next day or two). While there, yesterday, an old friend I had met briefly was on the ramp outside our hangar. I had met her two winters ago, when I was doing an "elk survey" in the Duck Mountains, with a Cessna 185 on skis, in western Manitoba. She was in a hangar, in Dauphin, looking quite forlorn. Apparently she is owned by an American couple, and I heard one of them was recently deceased. Too bad. The weather was beautiful yesterday, and she posed for me.

 "Hey girl, haven't seen you in awhile"!

 "You're looking fine"!

 "What a figure"!

 "Such fine lines"!

 She is "Carl and Helen's Gilley Ga Lew Bird"!

 DHC-2 Mk.III, S/N 1598, born in June 1965, "Turbo Beaver", C-FOEE!

 The "bridge", of this fine ship!

 "Power quadrant"!

 "Gear configuration office"!

 She is on "Wipline 6100s"!


 In the afternoon, Doug Burton fired up Northway's Caravan to do "sched", so I took the opportunity to "snap" a photo. Notice the Caravan prop still in "feather".

 "Damn", I sure had a "woody" checking out this "fine gal"! No offense intended, I just love de Havillands that operate on floats, skis, or wheels, in Canada. They are "living history".

  And the last word of my post goes to Carl and Helen's Gilley Ga Lew Bird......"Adios"!Posted by Picasa

My Dad flies OEE! Great to see these pics of her, I have a couple hours in it myself! Great blog!
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