Friday, September 29, 2006


"Success", at "Northern Lites"!

I "Posted" yesterday about our "Moose Season" in full-swing, and moving a camp from lake to lake yesterday. Well, I actually had to pick up the crew from Northern Lites today, as they had been moose hunting for a few days. The weather was "putrid" this morning, and "Unforgiving Lake Winnipeg" is a "real bitch" as she adds moisture to the already "tempestuous local meteorological churnings". As I made the lake, killing all the "tree-top squirrels" along my route in the process, I pulled up to the rock!

I tied up at Northern Lites Lake, and the wind and weather quickly improved, and the "moose hunting crew" dis-assembled their camp! Posted by Picasa

"Uh-huh!" Success! Posted by Picasa

Loading the moose in UKN! Posted by Picasa

I tell you, moose hunters haul "way too much gear" in, and of course you have to "haul it all out again"! Stay tuned........... Posted by Picasa

***P.S. - The first day I dropped the group off, they thought they would catch some fish close to camp for supper. Two people in a canoe, with a fishing rod, as a "Bull Moose" crashes out of the bush, into the water, and swims the lake in front of them, and they realize their rifle is "back in camp", because they are "bush rookies", all I can say is "PRICELESS"! They figured it was a "50 inch rack", that is still "roaming the bush"! "HAW"!

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