Thursday, September 28, 2006


"Moose Hunting" Begins!

We have been very busy this past week "hauling" moose hunters into the "bush". Moose hunters are a "strange breed", and the amount of gear they need for a week is "astronomical". Oh well, they look forward to their "hunt" all year long. It just gets a little "stressful" being able to depart small lakes and narrow rivers when their hunt is over, with all their gear, plus any moose they have harvested. As you just "clear the trees", all the "plaque" in your arteries "lets go", and is absorbed by your body. I guess that's why old "Bush Rats" like Punch Dickens lived well into his 90s, with his "mobility and his marbles" still intact! Anyways, we moved a camp for Dave Pomarenski from Fraserwood the other day, from Shebaylo Lake, as he wanted to go back to his old hunting spot at Northern Lites Lake! Here's how it went...........

We arrived at Shebaylo Lake, I tied a rope on Otter UKN, jumped on shore, and was greeted by part of a ...... Posted by Picasa

..."Moose Jaw"! Posted by Picasa

Otter UKN tied up! Posted by Picasa

We pulled out the two canoes we had to move, and I believe these were the first two canoes "Moses" ever made! Posted by Picasa

"Pontiac" carries down the rest of their gear...... Posted by Picasa

UKN wasn't the only "Otter" present at Shebaylo Lake, as this "scat" bears witness, full of "crayfish shell"........ Posted by Picasa

UKN was loaded, canoes tied on, and we were airborne............ Posted by Picasa

Arriving at "Northern Lites Lake", Pontiac unties a canoe.......... Posted by Picasa

"Unloaded"........ Posted by Picasa

The new "old" camp structure....... Posted by Picasa

Shit, the "Beaver Logging Company" has been harvesting recently....... ***Steve's Trivia***!!! Were you aware that after "man", the "Beaver" has had the most "impact" on "Earth's Geography"? *** Answer*** TRUE! (after "natural occurrences", obviously) Posted by Picasa

The "log slide" to the lake....... Posted by Picasa

Then we went and moved their boat.......... Posted by Picasa

Tied on with "double-braid solid core" 1/2" nylon rope. Can't beat it! Let the "moose hunt" begin...........!!! Posted by Picasa

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