Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Return to "Reefy Lake"!

A few days back I took some fellows into Reefy Lake (the name says it all)! Reefy Lake is at the headwaters of the "Goose Creek" drainage area, which eventually flows into the Berens River, and is just north of Viking Lake, which is on the Pigeon River. I used to fly them in years back, and hadn't seen them in awhile. Gord, Pat, and Dwayne, now bringing their sons with them. Great to see. The "elder boys" were a little older and greyer than I remember, but I guess vice-versa also. Gord, Dwayne, and Pat figured in a remarkable episode that happened years ago, and we "rehashed" the whole affair so their sons could hear the story again. I will leave a LINK for the story at the end of my "post". Anyways, we loaded up (I'm sure the guys used to bring more beer), and we were "airborne"!

Arrival at "Reefy Lake"! Posted by Picasa

The "fish cleaning shed"! My mind wandered back, and I remember "the smoke"............ Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

The boys built this cabin in 1983, and still own it to this day. Posted by Picasa

We finished unloading, we all "bullshitted" a little more, and Gord told me he had missed coming for the last 2 years. I asked "why"?, as Gord always came to the camp a couple of times a year. He told me the story, and my jaw dropped. Some of the key components to the story were an "11-storey balcony", a "river", and "gravity", and of course "numerous injuries". Let's just say he looked good, and the rest of the story is for "his Blog". Anyways, I bid them "adieu", fired up UKN, and taxied out. I have to pick them up July 27th.

Taxiing out........ Posted by Picasa

Quite the "rocky shoreline"........ Posted by Picasa

Reefy Lake geography! Have you ever seen water "so blue"? Till next time, "Adios"! (make sure you click on the LINK and read the following "previously-occurring" story!) Posted by Picasa

LINK - UKN Saves The Reefy Lake Boy's Bacon!!!

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