Saturday, July 08, 2006


"O'Kelly Lake", on "Goose Creek"!

My last trip yesterday, Friday, was to take Dixon Gould and 5 buddies to "O'Kelly Lake", which is southwest of Little Grand Rapids, on Goose Creek, where he has a private cabin. I used to fly Howard Moar to his Dad's "RTL" (Registered Trap Line) over 20 years ago to this same lake, and the old "trapper's cabin" is west of Dixon's cabin, but is now collapsing. "Breaks my heart"! I looked at it today as I left, flying over it, and saw that it was "returning to nature". Maybe when I pick the boys up on Sunday I will walk through the bush and find the old trapper's cabin, and take some pics.

"O'Kelly Lake"! Posted by Picasa

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1966 DHC-3 Otter, C/N 456, on the dock at O"Kelly Lake! Posted by Picasa

"Airborne", heading home for beers! Posted by Picasa

"Adios"! Posted by Picasa

I was at that cabin last year, had an awesome trip!! My husband, his uncle and brother-in-law are there this year!!
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