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Frances Lake: Time "Stands Still" Since November, 1993.......

On Friday, December 17, 2004, I made a "Blog post" regarding an experience I had one day while flying "trappers" in the bush, many years back. I experienced true "silence", and it was while waiting for my friend Joseph Owen beside his "trapper's cabin" at Frances Lake. Read my original "post" to get the background story.

ORIGINAL POST - The Silence Is Deafening At Dogskin Lake

Then in January of this year, I was asked to do a Blog for, a great Canadian Aviation website, and I gladly agreed to. I also placed my "The Silence Is Deafening At Dogskin Lake" story on the website. Well, this past week I received a comment on my "post" at about the trapper's cabin tucked into the trees. The comment took me back in time, and I could see the "trapper's cabin" again in my "mind's eye". Following is the comment.

Comment from: James Kullbom

Just found your story and was stunned. My son and I fish Dogskin Lake
and after going by the trapper cabin for years, we stopped there last
month. The two cabins are still full of Joseph's belongings and have not
been disturbed except by critters. The calendar is November, 1993. His
snowshoes, canoe, axe, saws and rods are still intact. We found a picture of
him fileting walleye. Also found his trappers license. All still there.

Wow. I was "stunned" to read the comment, and have tried to contact James for more information. November 1993 would have been around the time Joseph had his stroke. Anyways, I was glad to receive the comment, and amazed to hear everything was still at Joseph's cabin, basically awaiting his return. Read the post from the website, including the actual comment.

POST and COMMENT - The Silence Is Deafening At Dogskin Lake


I hope in the next month or so I can take my camera, re-visit Frances Lake and Joseph's cabin, and once again return in time to November, 1993................

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