Saturday, July 15, 2006


A "Dick", a "Quail", and a "Harry".........

(with thanks to "Bonnie and Larry"........)

My Blog is called "Canoe, Hunt, Fish, and Fly, by Otter", and I usually Blog about "hunting" in "Spring", during "Bear Hunting Season", and "Fall", during "Moose Hunting Season". One "Hunt" I never Blog about is "Bird Hunting". When I was a kid, me and my brothers, and father, loved to bird hunt. Usually "Ruffed Grouse", but sometimes "Sharptails" and "Spruce Grouse". Well, "Bird Hunting with Buddies" has been in the news lately, so it stirred some memories. Anyways, hunting "Upland Game Birds" is a tremendous pastime, and should be enjoyed with friends. Let me leave you a "Link" in closing, I'm sure you will enjoy it, and it will sharpen your skills as you anticipate your next "Bird Hunt"!


LINK - A "Dick", a "Quail", and a "Harry".........

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