Monday, July 03, 2006


Big Days for "The Munch! "Graduates", and "Turns 6"!

Last Tuesday youngest daughter Kiena (nicknamed "Munch") "graduated" from kindergarten. It was a special day, and of course there were many family members there to witness the event.

Munch is back row, far right, proud as a "peacock"! Posted by Picasa

Mrs. Bobrovich, Munch's teacher, "The Munch", and Mr. Thordarson, Riverton Early Middle School Principal. Posted by Picasa

What a beautiful kid, with her diploma! Posted by Picasa

Look how the room "lights" when "The Munch" smiles! Posted by Picasa

Entering the world of "school all day, every day" now......... Posted by Picasa

Mom, Munch, Dad. Congratulations on "Graduation", and "Happy July 2nd Birthday", Munch! Posted by Picasa

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