Wednesday, July 05, 2006


"Artery Lake"!

Artery Lake is a "jewel" on the "Bloodvein River", straddling the Manitoba/Ontario border. Years ago when I ran an Air Service in Little Grand Rapids, my "radio man", William Moar, owned the "RTL" (Registered Trap Line) at Artery Lake, and had a traditional "low-ceiling" trapper's cabin there. William has since passed on, but his brother Fred, also a good friend, now owns the "RTL" and built a new cabin there, and visits the lake numerous times during the year.

Along with the abundance of "fur-bearing" animals and "moose", Artery Lake also has some of the best fishing I have witnessed in the area. Bob and Shaun Jackson, also good friends, who own Adventure Air and Jackson's Lodge and Outposts, also have an outpost camp at Artery Lake. I have done flying for them in the past, and they had a practical, functional cabin at the lake. Well, last year they built a new cabin, and I hadn't seen it yet. So, yesterday evening I took a couple to Artery Lake that were going to canoe the Bloodvein River, and I had a chance finally to see the new camp. "WOW"! I will let the pictures "speak for themselves"!

Bob and Shaun's "old cabin" at Artery Lake. Posted by Picasa

The old cabin is a very nice camp. Posted by Picasa

UKN on the dock, as I had just dropped off Howard and Irene Heffler, a tremendously nice couple who would be canoeing the river. Posted by Picasa

The "new cabin" at Artery Lake! Posted by Picasa

What a beautiful cabin(?)! Posted by Picasa

The "deck"! The logs in the deck structure all came from across the lake, from a "blowdown" that happened a couple of years back during a violent storm. They were straight, beautiful "girth", and dry! Posted by Picasa

The "lake vista"! Posted by Picasa

Beautiful interior, with handmade "poplar" furniture, and "sealed" pine floor! Posted by Picasa

Look at the "bunk beds"! Posted by Picasa

Single beds............... Posted by Picasa

How is that for a "view"? Priceless! Posted by Picasa

Love the logs! Posted by Picasa

Yes, the "cabin/resort" at Artery Lake! I think you have a "hit" on your hands, boys! Posted by Picasa


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