Tuesday, June 20, 2006


A "Stinson", a "Stoneboat", and an "8 Second Ride"............

This morning I flew to Sasaginnigak Lodge, bringing guests in, and out. When I returned to Pine Dock, A.M.E.s "Willie", "Scooter", LaWayne, and Steve were on site to do a 400-hour inspection on UKN. As they prepared to inspect UKN, an aircraft was seen landing downwind on the bay! She landed safe, and pulled up to the docks for fuel. She was a ..................

"Stinson Voyager"! Posted by Picasa

Made by Consolidated Vultee, Stinson Division, in 1947! The aircraft has a 180 HP Lycoming engine. Posted by Picasa

The pilot has owned it for 25 years, and was heading to the Yukon to go fishing. His passenger was a "Newfie", and they were off on an adventure! Posted by Picasa

"Adios, Amigos"! They departed (barely) and disappeared into the northern sky, heading for Flin Flon. Posted by Picasa

The "Boys" went right to work on UKN. Posted by Picasa

The "Boys" would also fix the float on 1953 Cessna 180 C-FHDL. "Scooter" measures to make a patch to fix Pontiac's "mocassin", profiled the other day in my Post Pontiac "Blows A Mocassin"!.
 Posted by Picasa

"Stoneboat" UKN, without her "cowls"! (and front plugs!) Posted by Picasa

Pratt and Whitney R1340 cylinders! Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

A fine shot of the .667/1 reduction gearbox and hydromatic prop hub. Posted by Picasa

Left side exhaust and augmenting system. Posted by Picasa

R/H exhaust and augmentors. The exhaust enters the "augmentor tubes" and sucks cooling air over the cylinders and engine, providing better cooling at lower airspeeds. The augmentors also provide a noticeable amount of thrust.  Posted by Picasa

Engine from above. Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

Meanwhile, Steve rivets, at the same time fighting off the "Marauding Hordes of Mongols"!........I mean,... "mosquitoes". Posted by Picasa

Steve "rivets", Scooter "bucks"....... Posted by Picasa

The "mocassin" is patched! Posted by Picasa

Then, the John Deere dropped HDL back in the lake, and she headed for the docks! Posted by Picasa

"Scooter" makes the "8 second" ride and wins the rodeo! Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

The "lifting cradle" is removed, and HDL is back "on line"! Posted by Picasa

Anyways, "The Boys" finished up UKN, and I ran her at the dock. No major problems were found, and tomorrow, she and I will do what we do best, and that is "Flog the Bush"! Any excitement in your day today?????? (A "new" pencil sharpener for your desk doesn't count!)


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