Tuesday, June 06, 2006


"Sparrowhawk Lake"!

Sparrowhawk Lake is on the Manitoba-Ontario border, on the Poplar River system. An outpost camp was built many years ago by Geiri Johnson, "aviation pioneer" and founder of Northway Aviation. The original choice of a lake for the outpost camp was Red Willow Lake, totally inside Manitoba, but the "bureaucrats" said "no", and Sparrowhawk was allocated. Years later Dick Hebel from Cobham River Lodge was allocated Red Willow Lake, but Sparrowhawk has been a "jewel". It has been a terrific lake for fishing, with miles of access east and west, and no "wide open" areas on the lake, so one never becomes "windbound". Northway ended up selling Sparrowhawk Lake to Amik Lodge, which was backed by Arnason Industries of Winnipeg. Amik Lodge then went through some changes, including ownership. Well, Brett and Barry Arnason loved Sparrowhawk Lake so much, they decided to keep it, and still own the camp on the lake to this day. I hauled fishermen into the lake the other day, accompanied by Doug "McLeod" Burton, who will be flying the "Walter Turbine Otter" Northway has just leased. Check out the lake.

"McLeod" chats with a "tourist" at Sparrowhawk! Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

Like a true "Bush Pilot", Doug's nose leads him right to the "cookie jar"! Posted by Picasa

Notice the rub marks on this "rack". This moose was full of "testosterone"! Posted by Picasa

"Father and son" photo on the wall, with Arnason's C-206, QNK, in behind. Posted by Picasa

"Trophy Pike" picture. Posted by Picasa

UKN seen from the front deck of the cabin. Posted by Picasa

The rear of the Sparrowhawk cabin is the original building. Posted by Picasa

The "west" side........... Posted by Picasa

UKN "through the pines".......... Posted by Picasa

Trusty "old horse"........... Posted by Picasa

Evening descends on Sparrowhawk Lake........a Manitoba "Geographical Jewel"! Posted by Picasa


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