Thursday, June 08, 2006


The Return of "Gunsmoke"!

May 27 I "Posted" about an old trapper I knew years ago by the name of Frank Duck. His nickname was (is) "Gunsmoke", and he could sing like Hank Williams, although he couldn't speak English, and still can't today. My "Post" was entitled "Gunsmoke" and "Little Grand Rapids"! Anyways, this past week I went to pick up Willie Bilawchuk and his crew at Little Grand Rapids. They had built a new dock, a sturdy affair.

The boys made a fine new dock! Posted by Picasa

Yup, very practical and useful dock. Keeps the aircraft away from trees, and in deep water. Then, I noticed motion from the "corner of my eye". A lone figure paddled a canoe effortlessly, gliding across the water. He was coming towards Willie's cabin! Could it be? It was!.......................... Posted by Picasa

"Gunsmoke"! Posted by Picasa

"Gunsmoke" shook my hand vigorously, then posed "stoically" for the camera, wearing the new hat one of Willie's crew had given him. He looked in fantastic shape for a man well into his 70s! Imagine the knowledge regarding the "bush" in this man's head. Priceless, and irreplaceable, and sadly being lost. He hugged everyone, and shook their hand as I loaded them on the airplane. He seemed sorry to see them leave. Posted by Picasa

As I taxied away, "Gunsmoke" paddled his canoe and gave me a wave! Posted by Picasa

That night, as I lay in my room in Pine Dock, sleep enveloped me, aided by the "liquid intellect" I had consumed. Somewhere around 3 AM, I awoke with a start! The slight wind in the poplar trees made a rustle, and as I lay there with the window open, I swear I could hear the "mournings" of "Luke The Drifter", and the sounds of a "lonesome whippoorwill"......................... Posted by Picasa

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