Thursday, June 15, 2006


"Hey Buddy! How Did the Boats Get to this Lake"?

This past week I had a 16' Lund boat to haul into Paint Point Lake when I picked up the group that was in there fishing. Well, it was far too windy and "rough" in the bay at Pine Dock, so I didn't haul in the boat, I just picked up the guys, and told them I would have the boat there for the next time they went in. The day before yesterday opportunity presented itself, and I had an empty leg to haul in the boat before I picked up guests at Sasaginnigak Lodge. Here is kind of how it went in sequence.

First, wait for the fog to clear. Posted by Picasa

Then, takeoff! Posted by Picasa

 Make sure your boat is well-tied on, and you know "proper" knots. Posted by Picasa

  Posted by Picasa

Take along a "good" helper. I chose Ian Gould, nicknamed "Newf"! Posted by Picasa

"Splashdown" safely! Posted by Picasa

Arrived at the dock! Posted by Picasa

  Posted by Picasa

Untie the boat! Posted by Picasa

Take a pic of the cabin............. Posted by Picasa

Watch Newf "row his dory" to shore.......... Posted by Picasa

Taxi out..........takeoff, and head for Sasaginnigak Lake to pick up the guests......... Posted by Picasa

Arrive back at the "Float Base" in Pine Dock, safe and sound! Unbelievable, I bet I have hauled well over a thousand external loads during my career.

"Adios"! Posted by Picasa

haha, seeing newf row that boat makes an ol stompin tom song come to mind. something about newfies and dorries.
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