Sunday, May 21, 2006


Rob's "Webbed Feet" Regrow...........

I made a "Post" in April entitled A "Blois"t From The Past and a New Specimen at "Jurassic Park"! It detailed how my friend Rob McIntyre had returned to the "realm of float flying", something he had missed for a number of years. It was a hard decision for him, as he now has a family that factors into all his decisions. Well, he "embraced" float flying and "the bush" like a long lost friend, and now is up at North Star Resort (formerly Knee Lake Lodge) operating an amphibious Caravan. He will be working alongside my good friend Wayne Letkeman, who is running North Star. Two good guys, they should work well together. Anyways, Rob sent me an e-mail the other day and 2 pics, so let's see how Rob is making out and feels about his decision to "regrow" his "webbed feet".

From: "Rob McIntyre"

To: "Steven Taylor"

Subject: Can't say that I miss flying the Jet

Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 11:25:47 -0500

Hey Steve.
Scenes like this give me little regret for the actions I've taken these past few months. I miss my family but views like this give me great comfort. I feel like a kid again but with the eyes of a 30 something.


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Sounds to me like Rob is happy with his decision, and has a plan for the future. Also, when it comes to family; "Distance makes the heart grow fonder". Have fun, Rob!

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