Wednesday, May 24, 2006


"Fact" or "Fiction"?

RUMOUR: "The plane in these pictures is air vehicle number 1, a prototype on board the USS Washington for catapult fit checks. Not yet made public, the F/A-37 is a Mach 3.5, super cruise stealth fighter/bomber/interceptor with a 4000nm range. Top speed is classified, some where in the Mach 4 plus range. Awesome! Also, there is no phase interval for this plane. It has a 10,000 hour life airframe and engines that require replacement only at failure or signs of trouble. The squadrons are to be out of Whidbey Island, 12 planes to a command."

TRUE?: The aircraft shown in photos following is sleek and futuristic -- and if you think that it looks like something off a sci-fi movie production set, then you're right. This aircraft, dubbed the FA-37 Talon Stealth Fighter, is the star-prop in the sci-fi/action thriller "Stealth" due out next year. Also, the carrier used in filming is actually the USS Abraham Lincoln.

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The military often leaks information to the press to prepare the public for what's next -- rumours of the Stealth-fighter were rampant during the classified years before it became public knowledge. While the FA-37 Talon isn't a real aircraft, is it possible that it's based loosely on current technology secretly being developed?

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