Monday, April 17, 2006


Uncle, Grandparents, Badminton, and Hockey.........

During the last week in March my brother Butch and our parents arrived for a visit. We had seen my Mom and Dad a couple of years ago, but I hadn't seen "Uncle Butch" for about 10 years(!), since the infamous "Shoreline Hotel incident" (use your imagination) one year when I was playing summer hockey. Also playing that year were Dale Hawerchuk and Jamie Leach. Anyways, it was good to renew the "old bonds" and just hang out, and let the kids experience their uncle and grandparents.

Mom, Kelly (standing), Kody, Shane, Kaitlan, Dad L-R Posted by Picasa

Kelly, Kody, Uncle Butch, Shane, Kaitlan Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

Uncle Butch and I Posted by Picasa

"Buddies" for life! Posted by Picasa

Me, Lucille, Butch, "Margaret", and "Stuart" L-R Posted by Picasa

It was very nice seeing family members from "afar", and hopefully in the future our visits will take on more "frequent regularity". Mom, Dad, and Butch winged back to the "left coast" the middle of the first week in April. Too bad they couldn't have stayed longer, as Kaitlan and Shane were involved in major sporting activities the weekend after they left. Shane was picked for the Interlake Bantam Regional 13 year old hockey team and they played a tournament in Gimli Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It was quite enjoyable, Shane scored a couple of goals, threw some "big" hits, and met some new friends. He played on the 3rd line with Grant Sutherland from Peguis and Tyson Kustiak from Gimli. During the tournament they played more cohesively every shift and by the end were definitely one of the better lines. Like putting Ryan Smyth, Doug Gilmour, and Bob Gainey on a line together. Anyways, they went the whole weekend undefeated. Kaitlan was playing in a Senior badminton tournament in Gimli also, although she is only a Junior in High School. There were teams from 9 different locations at the tournament, and Kaitlan dealt all her opponents a healthy portion of "whupp ass", as she was 9W-0L on Saturday, and was 5W-0L Sunday to win the Gold Medal! 14-0! Quite an accomplishment!

Shane and Kaitlan in front of the 2 banners Shane's Minor Hockey Bantam team won this year. Kaitlan is wearing "GOLD"! Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

Shane and his banners. Gotta' love the "dress code" for elite hockey......No friggin' "cargo pants", "hoodies", and "sk8er shoes"............ Posted by Picasa

Shane suited up.......... Posted by Picasa

Shane, Kurt Kornelsen, Josh Henry......the 3 Riverton boys that made the team....... Posted by Picasa

Shane and "big sis" Kody......... Posted by Picasa

Interlake Bantam Regional team...........That is Regan Rohl "towering" over everyone in the back. 6'7" tall at 13 yrs. of age. No, it isn't a mistake, he is 6 feet, 7 inches tall....... Posted by Picasa

Anyways, great to see some family, and really enjoyed the hockey and badminton weekend. So, see you later, the "last word" of my "Post" goes to "me and my shirt"........

It's a "Canadian" thing.... Posted by Picasa

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