Sunday, April 30, 2006


Steve's Video Of The Day: "Single-Engine Landing".......

It is early AM. The 28 cylinders of the Pratt & Whitney 1830 engines are humming a "throaty" tune as you taxi to the runway. You had loaded the venerable old DC-3 the previous evening, so as to make an early morning takeoff. Lining up on the runway, all gauges check out. The throttles are opened, and the "superchargers" start to "throb". 48" of manifold pressure and 2700 RPM each side, the "old girl" starts to accelerate. The tail-wheel raises, you "dance" on the rudder pedals, the acceleration continues, and you are airborne! "Gear up", climb out at 90 KTS, RPM reduce to 2550, MP reduce to 40" (correct sequence in a DC-3). What a beautiful morning! A serene feeling envelops your soul as you climb through 4,000' enjoying the beautiful view surrounding you. Life is good!

"Bb-UU-CKKK!" Your sphincter "pulled a muscle" as it slammed itself shut. Your spine stiffened "ramrod straight"! Out of the corner of your eye you saw the top of the cylinder depart through the engine cowl. "Shit!" The engine is shaking and "bbb-rrr-aaa-ppp-ing" uncontrollably. Oil is seen trailing from behind the engine. Emergency procedure time. You return the right (good) engine to full power; Mixture-RICH, Prop control- full forward (2700 RPM), Throttle- 48" MP. The left prop is "feathered" and the failed engine is secured. The aircraft is maintaining altitude on one engine. Your sphincter loosens, you breathe a sigh, and wipe the sweat from your brow. The control yoke is gripped tightly, and right rudder trim is dialled in. Power is reduced on your "good" engine so as to reduce wear and heat, and you have commenced a shallow turn back towards the airport. "If you can only make it"................

VIDEO - "Single-Engine Landing".......

Fine job! Think that was an accomplishment? Read the following story!

STORY - "Dakota" One-Engine Take-Off!

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