Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Steve's Video Of The Day: "FULL THROTTLE"! Get "Up To Speed" On Jet Engines!

Every now and again I am asked questions regarding the principles behind "jet engines", and asked to explain how they work. Being one with a limited, "locker room" vocabulary, sometimes it is hard to explain the inner workings and machinations of the jet engine using language "average Joe" can understand. Therefore, I went to the experts at General Electric Aviation. Here is a fine "interactive" video sequence that explains in excellent and comprehensible detail the principles and inner-workings of the "jet engine". Have fun! (volume on)

VIDEO - "FULL THROTTLE"! Get "Up To Speed" On Jet Engines!

The General Electric GE90-115B engine is the most powerful jet engine ever made, holding a Guinness World Record at 127,900 lbs. of thrust. This engine powers the Boeing 777 family of aircraft. Posted by Picasa

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