Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Selkirk "Air Force", Part 2........

Yesterday we went exploring the field at Selkirk Air and Riverside Aircraft Maintenance. Let's continue our trek, and see what fine aviation specimens we will "stumble" upon...........

DC-3 CF-QHY, owned and operated by Plummer's Arctic Lodges. Posted by Picasa

This aircraft has many stories to tell.... Posted by Picasa

DHC-3 Otter C-GSMG, converted to the Garrett turbine, also owned by Plummer's Lodges. Posted by Picasa

This is a fine-looking conversion, but it also retains the major fault that is prevalent with Otters being converted to turbines. The fault is that the propeller juts way past the end of the floats, as can be seen here, and in tricky docking conditions can be dangerous. Nevertheless, I am sure this aircraft enjoys her new powerplant.  Posted by Picasa

Sabourin Lake Lodge's Beaver, C-FSJX, awaiting prop....... Posted by Picasa

This Beaver, C-GMXS, has the "engine mount extension"........ Posted by Picasa

Stalwart Otter C-FODJ, owned and operated by Green Airways from Red Lake, Ont., sports the 1000 HP Pezetel engine......... Posted by Picasa

ODJ's "sister ship", Otter C-FLEA, sporting the same engine configuration.......... Posted by Picasa

Beaver C-GBDW....... Posted by Picasa

Hello! Noorduyn Norseman, CF-BSB, still wearing her "toque"! This aircraft is operated by Edmund Lake Lodge.......... Posted by Picasa

Beautiful Norseman, C-GRZI, which flies for Grass River Lodge.......... Posted by Picasa

Another beauty, Norseman C-FSAP. Posted by Picasa

This Norseman is very "storied", and I remember 20 years back when it was yellow, and owned by Nueltin Lake Lodge. This Norseman was upgraded years ago, and was "metalized", the tubular fuselage structure being aluminum-covered, rather than fabric......... Posted by Picasa

I have only flown 1 Norseman, 1943 Mk VI CF-GUE, but there are still a number of these "birds" flying today, and fulfilling their role well........ Posted by Picasa

So there you have it. Selkirk is Manitoba's answer to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona, storing aircraft until they are needed once again. If you happen to be in the area, drop by Selkirk, always lots of aviation activity................


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