Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Selkirk "Air Force", Part 1........

Every fall a large portion of the Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario "float fleet" descends upon Selkirk, Manitoba, to "hibernate" until spring. The aircraft are "prepped" for storage by Gary and Bob Polinuk, owners of Riverside Aircraft Maintenance. This past Friday I was through Selkirk, and I took a "gander" at some of the aircraft that were just awakening from winter-time slumber, as the Red River is now ice-free and flowing, and it soon will be witness to the "manhood-stiffening" sound of radial engines at takeoff power!

The Red River! Posted by Picasa

The Selkirk "Air Force"! Posted by Picasa

The Engineers work on Polack Otter C-FKOA. KOA is owned and operated by Plummer's Arctic Lodges. Posted by Picasa

KOA sports the DC-3 prop. Posted by Picasa

Pezetel power, 1000 "snorting Clydesdales"....... Posted by Picasa

Beech 18! Posted by Picasa

C-FSRE Posted by Picasa

This aircraft belongs to "Bill and Ted"....... Posted by Picasa

SRE will soon receive her props..... Posted by Picasa

This Beaver also belongs to "Bill and Ted"......... Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

I told you these aircraft belonged to "Bill and Ted", and are used for "Excellent Adventures"! Posted by Picasa

C-GMAM, a Beaver, still wearing her "snowshoes"........ Posted by Picasa

The tremendous de Havilland wheel-ski installation....... Posted by Picasa

Polack Otter C-GCDX on her "beaching gear" awaits......... Posted by Picasa

So you see, quite a mix of airplanes. Check back tomorrow for more aircraft, including some "Noorduyn Norsemans"........


***2 UPDATES***

The Icelandic River let go Friday afternoon, here is a view from my property.......

Looking south, the water is flowing........ Posted by Picasa

Open water! Posted by Picasa

No flood this year! Posted by Picasa

Yesterday we saw Forde Lake Air Service's Otter C-FBEO installed on her floats, here are 2 more pics of her ready for water.

Prop installed, BEO will soon be in the water. Posted by Picasa

The "float strake" installed also, and sporting new paint, and "wearing" the Baron STOL Kit, C-FBEO is a fine portrait representing aviation in Canada. Till tomorrow, Posted by Picasa


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