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"Seals", "Sea Lions", "Orcas", "Grizzly Bears", and an "Indian Head"......

My brothers and I have always enjoyed the outdoors. You have met my younger brother Mike before in my Posts Thunderstix's 14 Year Old Boy Gets His First Big Game. Oct.29, 2004, then in Justin And Mike Finally Get Their "Goat"!, and finally A Page From The "Hunting Hall Of Fame": Justin vs. "The Moose". Mike and his son Justin love the outdoors and adventure!

Recently, Mike e-mailed me some info and some pictures relating to his position as the General Manager at Seashore Charters in Prince Rupert. They run all types of wildlife-watching tours, and I can tell you the wildlife is abundant! Oh yes, and the fishing is fantastic!

If you want to experience "true wilderness", the Prince Rupert area just might be the experience of a lifetime. Check out some photos Mike sent me.

The "Orcas" in the harbour confront Mike in his boat........... Posted by Picasa

.....and a young "bold" one comes for a "closer look"......... Posted by Picasa

Grizzly Bear "Lucy" and her cubs......... Posted by Picasa

Majesty! Posted by Picasa

This photo above from Mike "dispels" the "falsehood" that there are "no lions in Canada". Come to Prince Rupert, and you will see "sea lions"! Posted by Picasa

"Indian Head", a local geological structure..... Posted by Picasa

Seashore Charters has developed a "tour" that was specifically aimed at cruise ship traffic, and it has become an "outstanding hit". This tour has gone on to being one of the highest rated tours among all the stops at the cruise ships' ports of call. Let's hear Mike give us some info.....

"I had a 30 foot canoe built in Vancouver for this excursion. It is all we can do to get people back into the canoe and get them back to the ship....they do not want to leave. Marilyn and the kids and I spent a lot of time at McNichol when the kids were young so I knew what it had to offer....."

Here is a description of the tour.

Canoe Excursion & Rainforest Walk

Experience a Scenic and Informative Cruise across the Harbour as you assist in paddling one of our 29ft Voyageur Canoes. This excursion is an authentic journey back to the days of old long before Prince Rupert ever came to be. Experience the means of travel that propelled the resilient Tsimshian First Nations people to their fishing and hunting grounds. This Traditional Style Canoe is both safe and fun. Watch for eagles and seals as our two able bodied guides (one at the bow and stern) ensure the safety of all onboard. Our excursion destination is McNichol Creek Beach, which, at low tide, harbours one of Prince Rupert’s sandiest beaches. Upon arrival at the beach we will leave the comfort of the canoe and explore the lush, old growth rain forest, while being led by our informative guide. Our walk will eventually lead us to McNichol Creek, which is a salmon spawning stream, and at certain times of the year, salmon can actually be observed making their upstream trek, while dodging the razor sharp talons of our resident Bald Eagles. Sometimes our local Columbian Blacktail Deer make an appearance along the shoreline and along the hiking route. After the walk, we will return to the beach to cook a few crabs and indulge in some other snacks and beverages. This outing has been a favourite among Rupertites for many generations. It is a fun and relaxing way to spend a few hours. We can think of no better place to unwind away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, so come and join us for the afternoon.

This tour available to full groups of 10 only and must be booked 14 days in advance.

Tour Overview:

*The tour begins from the Metlakatla Ferry Service Dock below the Crest Hotel.
*Your tour will include a safety orientation.
*Your Canoe Guides will entertain you with local information as you cross the harbour.
*You will be disembark at McNichol Beach/Picnic Area and then begin your walk.
*Upon return from the walk you will relax by the fire eating fresh cooked crab and self-roasting hotdogs and S’mores (lots of Potato Chips to be eaten as well).

Inclusions: 60 minute guided round trip by 10 passenger canoe

*60 minute Guided Rainforest Walk followed by 90 mins of relaxing around the fire.
- Hotdogs & S’mores self-roasted on the fire

*Fresh Cooked Crab

*Bottled water & assorted beverages

*Rain ponchos (in the event of inclement weather)

*Use of umbrellas while on the tour

Minimum: 10 People Maximum: 10 People ** If additional interest, can add a second boat

Length: 4 hours

Departs Daily: Group dependent (not available some days due to Cruise Ship Schedule)

Meeting Place: Atlin Terminal, Seashore Charters Reservation Counter (10-15 minutes prior to tour time)

Clothing: Layer clothing to ensure warmth and comfort while out on deck. Recommend comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots.

Difficulty Level: Moderate (not wheelchair accessible); no prior canoeing experience is required although recommend that participants be comfortable with light physical activity.

Rates as outlined on the Price List.


Groups- Tours must be confirmed 10 days prior due to logistical issues.

Note: No children under the ages of 8. Children ages 8-12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Wow, sounds like one "helluva'n experience" to me! The area around Prince Rupert is still "pristine", and is "brimming" with wildlife. Check out some pics from the tour.

The "canoe" rests on the shore, awaiting the return of the adventurous passengers............ Posted by Picasa

Our "intrepid explorers" relax in "true wilderness"...... Posted by Picasa

Forest so dense it is hard for sunlight to penetrate in some locations.......... Posted by Picasa

Chow time! Posted by Picasa

I love a fire in the bush. It gives heat, is enjoyable to make, and spellbinding to watch, as you sit around it and tell "tall stories". Shit, I have been fascinated by fire since I was a "kid". A "closet pyromaniac", so to speak......... Posted by Picasa

The canoe awaits the return of the passengers, and soon will be "slicing" effortlessly through the "salted waters", reminiscent of a "purer time" in history..... Posted by Picasa

Well, if you ask my "humble and experienced" opinion, Mike has a hit on his hands. Varied wildlife like Prince Rupert has will draw people from "all corners of the globe". It is nice to see people "observing" wildlife, instead of hunting it for trophies. So, before I sign off, let us see a few more pics, detailing typical viewing when on a tour with Seashore Charters!

More "killer whales" frolic...... Posted by Picasa

Plunging to the depths......... Posted by Picasa

"Thar she blows", shouted the lookout from the "crow's nest", as Captain Ahab turned his ship 'The Pequod' in the direction of the blown mist! Could this be the 'White Whale'..........? Posted by Picasa

.......and the last word of my "Post" goes to "the seal", as he peers inquisitively at the camera from his "forest of kelp"......

"Adios!" Posted by Picasa

WEBSITE - Seashore Charters

Do you ever miss "beautiful British Columbia"
Absolutely, but I also love "Unforgiving Lake Winnipeg"!
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