Friday, April 21, 2006


An Example "Why" Fuel Prices Are So High........

If there is "one item" that affects every consumer and business every single day in the Western World, it is oil. The problem is that the price is always so variable. Take the Airline Industry, for example. If you could have "concrete" fuel costs for a set period of time, it would be so much easier to plan and budget accordingly, and not alienate your customer base. Nothing "pisses" a passenger off more than having to pay a "fuel surcharge". Anyways, the rising price of oil is reflected in everything, food, medicine, travel, absolutely everything.

Damn oil! "They" have it, and "we" want it. One "falsehood" is that the "West" has stolen the oil from the Middle East, and continues to do so. Absolute "equine scat"! The largest transfer of wealth in history has been from the "West" to the Middle East, money for oil. There has been more than enough wealth transferred to the area to feed, provide health care for, and educate all the people residing there. The problem is the money ends up making the wealthy wealthier, while the "mullahs in the madrassas'" recruit the young, disillusioned, "uneducated".

So, where does the money, that should help the citizens, end up? Libraries? Hospitals? Infectious Diseases Research Facilities? Tsunami-Warning System? New Schools? Give up? That's right, that #1 priority above all others in a "desert climate"! Ski hills! "Ski hills, what the f........?"

Let's build a "ski hill"....... Posted by Picasa

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Inside, from the top.......... Posted by Picasa

Inside. Posted by Picasa

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As the terrorists plot, a select few "ski"......... Posted by Picasa

Ski Dubai- Mall of the Emirates Posted by Picasa

All sarcasm aside, the wealth transfer would be an outstanding event if the money went to democratic governments whose priority it was to improve the "lot" of the people. Alas, the money ends up in the pockets of a select few, propping up kingdoms and dictatorships, and eventually, funding terrorist groups that would "see us all die". Just some thoughts from a "Bush Rat", remember, it is your money....................

(I'm serious, it really is a ski hill....)

WEBSITE - Ski Dubai

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