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Anti-submarine Warfare Pioneer to Bush Pioneer: The HS-2L in Canada

I love history, and everything and anything about it. Biblical events, the "sacking" of Carthage, Napoleon being "Corsican" instead of French, the eruption of Mount Krakatoa, the myth of Atlantis, and especially World War II events. Of course, being an aviator in the "bush", I am also especially interested in the evolution of commercial aviation in Canada and it's "unheralded, meager" beginnings. When did commercial aviation in Canada actually begin? We all know the "Max Ward" and "James Richardson" stories, but where "did it all start"? There could be debate on this for hours on end, but we would run out of beer and we have to work in the morning. My buddy Clive Pearce sent me some insight into the humble beginnings of commercial aviation in Canada. It is an outstanding photo essay by Christopher Terry, former Director General of the Canadian Aviation Museum. It all started in 1918-1919, the same 2 years that the "Flu Pandemic" killed more people than were killed in WWI, somewhere between 20-40 million..............

PHOTO ESSAY - Anti-submarine Warfare Pioneer to Bush Pioneer: The HS-2L in Canada

(Need Adobe Reader)

As you have read, outstanding piece of work. There are so many stories untold that should be told, and far too many tales that have faded into eternity, still inside the souls of their late authors..........

Too bad. Thanks for the tip, Clive.

The Curtiss HS-2L Flying Boat was the first aircraft used to transport passengers and freight to the Red Lake gold fields (1926). Posted by Picasa

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