Friday, March 24, 2006


The "Real" Spirit Of America........

Received an e-mail tonight from Spirit of America, thought I would share it. My last post about Spirit of America was called U.S. Cavalry Arrives in the "Nick of Time"!, in which S of A shared with us some GOOD news about people being helped in Iraq. Anyways, here is the e-mail.

Dear Supporters and Friends!

Spirit of America was honored at a special reception in the Roosevelt Room at the White House last Tuesday, March 21st. President Bush and the First Lady thanked Spirit of America and our supporters for our contributions to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. Several other non-profits doing great work in Iraq and Afghanistan were also recognized. Spirit of America was represented by Peggy Findley who runs operations in our Los Angeles office.

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During the hour-long session, the President recalled a very emotional meeting he had in the Oval Office with seven Iraqi men who, under Saddam's regime, had been punished by having their right hands amputated and black tattoos of crosses carved into their foreheads. They received prostheses and rehabilitation through the generosity of the American people, including Spirit of America supporters who donated to our project Iraqi Amputees Offered Restoration of Life and Limb. This project was specifically set up to help these Iraqi men with their transportation costs and recovery. One year later, Iraqi Amputees adjusting well to new hands.

Thank you dear friends and supporters. We share this acknowledgement with you, since you make it all possible. And, to our courageous men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan who go above and beyond their official duties to help the local people where they serve, the President's recognition of Spirit of America is, in fact, recognition of you.

All the best,
The Spirit of America Team

The President's Statement

(Following are the President's remarks released from the meeting.)

President Bush: "I want to thank you all for coming. Laura and I have really enjoyed our visit.

We're talking today to people who have decided to try to help improve the lives of folks in Afghanistan and Iraq. And I just marvel at the fact that Americans from around our country have heard a call to help somebody realize the benefits of freedom. You know, governments can help, and we will help. And obviously, we've got a brave military trying to secure freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq. But one of the real powerful parts of developing civil societies in these two countries is the fact that fellow citizens are willing to interface with citizens in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We've heard stories about Afghan women education programs and Iraqi Fulbright programs and programs to help hospitals and programs to welcome intellectuals -- all aimed at helping these societies that were once brutalized by tyrants realize the great benefits and blessings of liberty. We've got -- I'm sure a lot of our citizens don't realize this, but there are thousands of, we call them social entrepreneurs, who are figuring out ways to help improve the human condition in these two liberated countries.

And I want to thank you all very much. It's heartening to hear your stories and it makes me -- once again gives me great reason to be proud of our country and the people who live here. So thank you all for coming. God bless your work."

So, the "Spirit of America" is alive and well, let's hope it catches on in all nations. If it doesn't, I dread the alternative............

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