Monday, January 23, 2006


Election Day in CANADA!

Election Day in Canada! The morning was bright, and full of hope! It was -20* C, "jean-jacket" weather for a true Manitoban! I took my daughter to the Orthodontist in Winnipeg, a fellow by the name of Dr. Mark Rykiss. An extremely competent fellow. Anyways, I daydreamed and "rehashed" the platforms all the parties vying for the country leadership had been verbally spewing the last number of weeks, as I drove along. Suddenly, a mental picture appeared, and it was of the Conservative, Liberal, and NDP Party Leaders having a "snort" and a cigar, and playing poker with the pig Napoleon, his "porcine" cohorts, and the humans, in George Orwell's outstanding satire, "Animal Farm". The early hope that was abundant in the morning "ebbed" from me, and alas, I realized probably not too much would change, no matter the outcome............

No matter what the election outcome, this "outhouse" is symbolic of how life will continue......... Posted by Picasa

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