Tuesday, November 22, 2005


"Things" You See On The "Manitoba Landscape".......

Sunday morning I awakened my daughter Kody at 6 AM, and "conscripted" her to come with me to Silver Falls to retrieve my truck. I had left my truck at Blue Water Aviation's Base, as I used it for transportation during float season. Now, I needed to bring it home to do some "dump runs" and get some "flax bales" to cover my septic system with straw for the "impending" winter. Kody and I hit the road by 7 AM, and it didn't take long before we saw an unusual sight. What the........?

A Whitefish Boat in a farmer's field? Posted by Picasa

"Aaaarrrrggghhhh, Billy, have you ever been to sea?" Posted by Picasa

"Damn, it's the 'Sea Wolf'!" Posted by Picasa

What the "hell" is it doing here? Posted by Picasa

"Ah-hah!" The Sea Wolf is looking for a new Captain. She is a very seaworthy vessel, folks. (Area Code 204) Kody and I continued on. Posted by Picasa

On we drove, down the west shore of Lake Winnipeg, until something caught my eye in the distance.

Those are funny-looking cows. Posted by Picasa

Bison! Posted by Picasa

Images of bison herds thundering across the plains, and the aboriginal people following the herds, just harvesting enough of the animals for food and clothing, fill my head. A much "purer" time in history, as these animals are quite "sluggish-looking", as if they know they will soon be "Buffalo-Burgers". Posted by Picasa

Kody and I continued, and soon we arrived at Silver Falls, and we immediately set to dig my truck from the snowbank. I stuck the key in the ignition, and the old 6 cyl. Dodge sputtered to life. I warmed her up, and we were ready to head back to Riverton, but first I decided I would check out the "landscape" at Silver Falls, starting inside the hangar.

Otter CF-HXY, S/N 67, being stripped and prepped for paint. HXY is owned and operated by Lac Seul Airways, and has the Pezetel 1000 HP engine. Posted by Picasa

HXY's wings.......... Posted by Picasa

Then I went out to search the yard, and I found there was a "de Havilland Convention" in progress, and especially the "Otter" was well-represented.

Otter C-GHYB, owned by Blue Water Aviation Services Ltd.. HYB has the 1000 HP Pezetel engine made in Poland. Posted by Picasa

C-GBTU, owned by Blue Water. BTU has the Czech-made 750 HP Walter turbine engine installed. Posted by Picasa

CF-UKN, owned by Northway Aviation Ltd.. UKN has the Pratt and Whitney 1340 engine. Posted by Picasa

CF-DPW, Huron Air's Beaver, obviously awaiting a new engine. Posted by Picasa

Walter turbine-engined Otter CF-IOF. Posted by Picasa

Last, but not least, Otter CF-YLZ. YLZ has the Pratt and Whitney 1340 engine as a powerplant. Posted by Picasa

Later on, Kody and I headed home with both vehicles. It dawned on me as I drove along what I had seen in one day......."Wolf", "Whitefish", "Buffalo", "Otters", "Beavers", crap, there sure is a lot of wildlife around here! Adios!

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