Saturday, November 26, 2005


Steve's Video Of The Day: "Spitfires" In The Rhododendrons........

Yesterday we had a humourous look as a Spitfire gave a reporter a haircut. We remember what a valuable asset the Spitfire was, and salute her. Today we hear from 2 famous Canadian women, Marion Orr, and Violet Milstead, another couple of great war-time assets, who ferried Spitfires, Mosquitos, Hurricanes, Beaufighters, and other aircraft types to the combat pilots.

Vi and Marion were members of the ATA. The Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) was established in 1939 to transport mail and supplies for the British military, but soon expanded to include transporting warplanes. The ATA had 1,300 men and 166 women — five of whom were Canadian. The ATA transported 309,011 aircraft during the war. It was disbanded when the war ended.

Quite an accomplishment for some wide-eyed Canadian girls. They grow the women with solid character and spines in Canada. Let's hear the story from them.

VIDEO - "Spitfires" In The Rhododendrons........

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